Yanbu Flower Festival 2019

It has been my 3rd year to visit the Yanbu Flower Festival. The festival has been improving every year.

3 years ago, it was just the wide carpet of flowers with shops on the sides. There were also few activities for kids. Yanbu Festival 2018

Now, it still has all that but better.

Carpet of flowers

This part looks the same. I mean, I think if you are not into flowers, you won’t notice any difference from its former designs.


There’s this huge area for kids. It looks like a carnival with all the rides, balloon slides, and guess what—a horror house! It’s my first time to see a horror house here in Saudi Arabia. I feel like it’s forbidden (I don’t know) but knowing their culture here, it sure could create a discussion. On the other hand, it might have been allowed since there are so many changes happening in the kingdom now.

More photos of the Yanbu Flower Festival 2019


I made a video of the Yanbu Flower Festival 2019 below. You how it looks like inside including the entertainment area for kids. =)

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