Yanbu Flower Festival 2018

Officially amazing! Royal Commissionโ€™s Yanbu Flower Festival in Saudi Arabia holds the Guinness World Record for having the worldโ€™s largest carpet of flowers. If it were in another country, it would have been ordinary, but this is Saudi Arabia, people! Desert in most places and they managed to pull off and maintain the carpet of flowers. Add to that our summer here which reaches up to 40C. Look at it in that perspective and youโ€™ll appreciate every bit of it. Hats off to every person keeping the flowers alive.

There are important things you need to know when visiting the festival. Here are some of them:



Don’t go there too early like 8am or 9am, unless you have in mind some other places to visit in Yanbu. The garden will open around 4pm-11pm. Waiting there from morning will just make you tired for the long walk ahead.


Wear comfortable shoes and outfits. Be sure you have enough strength to walk around. There are areas in the festival where there are no benches to sit on especially on the left side of the garden. If you have babies or toddlers, you may want to bring strollers.


There’s enough parking space for everyone. Maybe we had a hard time because we went there the first day and there were many people that time, but I’m pretty sure that the parking space outside can accommodate visitors well enough.


There are people in- charge of keeping the people from getting to close to the flowers. Just inform everyone who are with you, especially the kids that they are not allowed to pick flowers.


There are special places in the garden where you need to pay for a ticket in order to enter. For example the “viewing deck” where you need to pay 5 SR each if you want to see the top (at least semi-bird’s eye view) of the whole garden.

“Viewing deck”

Parrots/Birds area is where kids can see and touch colorful parrots. I think it’s around 25 SR each.

Parrots/Birds area


There are different areas to go to inside. You can skip some if you want, but it’s better to experience all of it since it happens once a year only.

Below is the recycling garden where you can see different things people have made out of the different materials that we usually just throw.


There are stalls where you can buy different products related to horticulture like soil, flower seeds, landscape materials, etc.


If you get hungry after going around the garden, you can buy from the different food stores available.
According to Arab News, there have already been 110,000 visitors to the largest flower festival in the Kingdom on the Red Sea coast just three day since its opening.

More photos:

The festival aims to allow people to be environmentally aware of different plants and flowers and how to grow them.

You can watch the video here:

Flowers and Gardens Festival

Flowers and Gardens Festival is more than only an environmental and entertaining event, it is also an educational where the society can learn and be aware of the importance of taking care of our environment and encouraging the people to start planting more.

Starting on (Thursday 01-03-2018) Until (Sunday 25-03-2018)

At (04:00 PM) – (11:00 PM)

Location: Royal Commission, Yanbu

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