How I keep myself happy while my toddler is playing

There are times when I’m tired and Jacob is still at his peak of being a super duper hyper active toddler. It can be irritating at times because our bodies…

Asia Shop

I found these in the Asia Shop near our apartment here. I’ve been looking for miso paste in Jeddah but couldn’t find one so I was so happy when I…


Like this statue here, a person who writes on public places is blind to the consequences of his actions.

Shawarma & Falafel with Doner

I guess I won’t be missing shawarma in case I crave for one. =) The shawarma here is different. Maybe to suit the taste of the people here.  First, the…

Amazing Snowflakes

It’s just so amazing how they come in different shapes. =)

Sheraton Resort

I spent my Friday in Sheraton together with friends. This view of the sea is just so relaxing. If I could be alone in a place like this for a…

Jeddah Photo Blog: Lantern in Jeddah

Jeddah Photo Blog: Lantern in Jeddah: 

Sunset Boulevard

Sunset in Jeddah


That is one big strawberry!

Photo Challenge

There’s a new photo challenge on Photo Tips website.It’s actually a “Cell Phone Challenge” where one has to take his/her best shot using only a cell phone. No editing allowed.I like this…


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