When is it going to rain!?!

6:45 am

This was taken at 6:45 am.yesterday  For months now, people here have been expecting rain to pour out.  It has been a long time, almost more than a year since Jeddah experienced rain. Even the government is asking the people to pray for rain. I guess this is how we all want to see rain again in this place.

For 3 months now, we have been receiving rumors of heavy rain. Weather forecasts would say it would rain but it won’t. It is very important for people here to know whether it’s going to rain or not. Students don’t go to school anymore at the sight of light rain because it causes flood and traffic. Parents won’t be able to easily get them from school in case flood happens. Even most employees don’t go to work due to the horrible experience they’ve had last time it rained where people were stranded for almost a day because of flood(caused by just 3 hours of rain). 
For weeks now, mornings have been cloudy, afternoons windy, and evenings cooler/colder than ever. Still, no rain. Some people say that the next rain pours it will be a heavy one (hopefully not). I just can’t wait to see rain pouring out over the place again! I just miss it so much. 


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