What Traveling in the Desert Looks Like

This is the way going to Yanbu,  Saudi Arabia.  From Jeddah, Yanbu is around 3-4 hours away. The road is nice and smooth. No rough roads ahead.  It seems that roads have been really constructed well here.


This is what you usually see when traveling in the middle of the desert:
Mostly, just brown carpet or hills of sands left and right. In some areas, you’ll see grasses or bushes scattered around.

Hills of sands with rocks
camel yanbu
camels yanbu
Camels and yes, grass. They exist in the desert.. =)

Sometimes, when you look on the vast horizon on the right,  you’ll see camels simply lying around or being fed. From time to time,  there would be parked trucks and cars with drivers trying to take some rest before continuing with the long journey ahead.


This is the last gasoline station in Jeddah before going to Yanbu. Be sure to get a full tank as well as all the food and drinks you’ll need because the next gasoline station is about 3 hours away.

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Some facts about Yanbu, Saudi Arabia:

Yanbu is an important petroleum shipping terminal and is home to three oil refineries, a plastics facility and several other petrochemical plants. It is the country’s second port (after Jeddah) and serves as the main port for the holy city of Medina, 160 km (99 mi) to the east. The natural harbour is protected on both sides by wide coral reefs. These reefs remain mostly untouched, making them excellent areas for diving. Three major oil pipelines lead across the desert from the oilfields in the east to terminate at the Red Sea in Yanbu.- Wikipedia

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