What Corniche Looks Like on Saturday Mornings

(November 12, 2015)
Today, I went to Corniche (seaside) with my family before 6:00 am to spend the morning and have breakfast there. A sort of a picnic.

I wasn’t really expecting to see many people to be there. I thought it would be great to just let the kids play then I’ll sit on the green grass capturing the moment.

To my surprise, the place looked busy already when we arrived. I considered that maybe some of the young ones happily chatting there have spent the night there and haven’t even slept yet. Just guessing, though.

It was a fun sight. Here are some of the things I’ve witnessed while relaxing there. The reason why I want to share them is so you’ll have an idea on what  to expext in case, you know, you go to Corniche with your family on a Satuday morning. =)

  1. Friends eating and sharing stories.
    Some groups of young men, maybe in their early twenties, were happily chatting, eating snacks, taking groupies, and just simply having fun. No violent and rough playing. Just pure friendly picnic.
  2. People exercising. Many men and women were walking, some men were jogging along the seaside. Some moms were walking their babies on strollers as a form of exercise (multi-tasking mommies!).
  3. Men Fishing. I just love the thought that there’s still fish in the sea. I saw people of different nationalities patiently waiting for their catch. Some people, like me, get excited whenever there’s a fish caught. The people fishing gleefully shows the catch to the viewers. My kids were just really excited to see an actual fish being hooked up and actively moving its tail. =)
More men fishing.


4. Kids playing. Kids were everywhere. Some running, some were playing with their bikes, cars, and the newly trending hovertrax.

IMG_3585-0.jpg wpid-img_20151114_071556_1.jpg

5.Families eating breakfast. Just beside us was an old couple, maybe around 60 years old. The two just set up a table, placed a kettle, some food and watched the people around as they eat their breakfast. Others have carpets or mats to sit on.

  1. image6. Stores preparing for business. We were near a coffee shop and an ice cream shop. Both were still preparing to open. So don’t plan to got there from 6-8am without food because most of the stores will open around 8 or 9am.

    7.People taking pictures of the sea. Gone are those days when cameras or phone cameras were almost forbidden to be used in public places here. A little caution of course when taking pictures here in the kingdom. Be sure to avoid capturing the faces of people especially women and girls. If you do, just blur the faces when uploading them in public. 🙂


That’s it. If you don’t have any plans this weekend, try going to Jeddah Corniche for a change. Enjoy the view. Share stories with your loved ones. Let the kids play. Take pictures of the sunrise or the sea. Eat breakfast. Relax…or just do everything I’ve just said. =) Enjoy the weekend ahead! =)

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