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Two weeks ago, (three weeks ago as of posting- going 4 weeks now, clearly, I have been very busy. Haha ) I spent the weekend afternoon with my family in Corniche. 

My two kids were playing with my husband and my youngest was sleeping. I couldn’t believe that I was actually about to have that ‘me’ time. If you’re a mom, that 10-30 minutes of time without anyone disturbing you is ‘golden time’. Too overwhelmed, I didn’t know which one to do first. Read ,browse the net, or just breathe. Fortunately, I had my camera with me that time. 🙂 yey! Time to shoot.


So, I took some pictures then started reading a book after.


Since I couldn’t take pictures of people, I took pictures of their shoes or people’s back. Sounds silly, but I actually did.

Family photo (of shoes) 🙂

Oh, fathers. Fathers are willing to carry anything to make their kids happy.

A father carrying his kid’s car.

Comfort. No matter how many gorgeous pairs of shoes you have, you’ll always come home to those comfy slippers.


Work. Some people just gotta work while being surrounded with happy families. Man, that’s tough. Talk about the life of many people working away from their countries. Homesickness.

Gotta work

Friendship. I like this part. I saw two guys just happily walking and sharing stories.Black and white robes. The color of our skin doesn’t and shouldn’t matter when it comes to friendship.


Play. Everyone needs to play from time to time. Young or old. Playing gives energy and vibrant aura to people.It helps remove stress sometimes. 🙂


Even adults like to play.

Adults playing

Chatting.Girls will be girls. Haha


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38 thoughts on “Walks of Life

  1. Wow! I can say that your ‘ME’ time was really spent so well! Grabe, yung span of time na even 10minutes ang sarap isavor noh, and kung pwede lang gawin lahat ng gusto mo in that span of time. Cheers to more of that ‘ME’ time! 🙂

  2. Haha! I can feel your excitement for the 10-30 mins of ‘Me’ time!! I also take the chance for a little me time whenever my daughter’s taking a nap, and when my husband’s home from the office! Haha

  3. My Me time is usually spent internalising about life, too. And I love what you did there. Taking candid shots of strangers and interpreting their actions or just simply connecting your life realisations with every photo. Great work, Mommy! 🙂

  4. The way you chose to spend your me time is pretty interesting.It’s like enjoying a good movie but with watching with your camera.I probably would have taken pictures of the sky and clouds.I wonder if it’s allowed there.

  5. I feel the same way when taking pictures in public places. I look for angles where I won’t capture their faces. Shoes and backs usually hahaha. I laughed at the photo of the father carrying his kid’s car, yeah the things we do for our children! LOL

  6. I also enjoy watching people and trying to read their minds. Having a me time for me is important, I’m glad that my husband allow me to go out alone or with friends once a week.

  7. The shots reminded me of what I do way back when I still didn’t have a child. Order coffee from a shop with outdoor sitting. Sit in a table facing the street and take photos of people passing by. I never posted those photos but it was fun looking at them afterwards and trying to create stories of the people in the photos. 😀 Well, those were the days…

  8. That looks lie a really cool place to chill! I love being outdoors, but the weather in the PH right now isn’t, well, exactly outdoor-friendly haha. Love your pictures!

  9. It’s really nice to have just even a few minutes of “ME TIme”
    We are always busy as a mom,wife and some are career woman. We always wanted to have enough time for ourselves .
    Its like you enjoy sitting and watching things around you that time

  10. I remember our trip in Sagada. My friend asked me why my photos were usually of people walking with their back on me. I told them I just want to take photos of people but they might not agree using them as subjects so i just take their back instead. Anyway, I super agree. Even a 1 5-minute time for myself is considered a golden one.

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