Throwback Photos

Facebook showed me some really nice memories yesterday. 🙂 My old shots. They were so inspiring, I wanted to go out with my camera and go shoot different things again. 🤗

Unfortunately, I can’t just go out and do that. This is Saudi Arabia. 😉

Here are some of the photos from 2010 onwards (I think). I used my phone’s camera, nikon d3000, and olympus for most of the shots.

This photo above is a tower or part of a castle my husband and I visited in Wurzburg, Germany.

This is a lamp post in Luisita, Tarlac. It is located in a nice park where families can have picnic on the grass. Well, it used to. Now, establishments have surrounded the place and it’s slowly turning out to be a place that is not appropriate for afternoon family fun. I remember the sight of kids carrying balloons while moms and dads lie on the ground just sharing stories. I fell in love with that park the moment I saw it.

This above is part of the eco-tourism trail of Tarlac. Thisis the way going to the Monasterio de Tarlac, where you will see a statue of Jesus, same as that in Rio de Janiero. Would you believe that I took this shot while riding a motorcycle?🤣😄 My husband was driving and I just couldn’t let the moment pass. The view was so amazing, I new it would take years before I could do see it again. 🙂

This, I believe was in a resort in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

The catch. I just had to take that shot. 🙅

Tricky shot. I love capturing moments like this one.

I was playing with my nikon in our old house. I was alone and had to take random objects as subjects for my test shots. 😄

Red Sea outing. This part has less trash. It’s sad that people throw their trash or leave their trash here. It’s just bad. Who will clean that? The fish? 🤔

I remember this shot above. I got so excited with my new camera that I asked my husband to drive me to the sea to take a picture of the sunset.

One of our trips from Yanbu, Saudi Arabia back to Jeddah. Another sunset. Obviously, I did not know how to set the camera right…but it looked so good. Haha

Well, that was a good exercise to see if I can still remember things. One reason why I blog is because I easily forget(some) things, putting them here with pictures make me smile as I say “Oh, that happened…” Sometimes, in an embarassing mode. 😊

How about you? What event or photos has Facebook reminded you lately? 🤗

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