Things You See In the Desert

Traveling from Manila to the other provinces in the Philippines  can be very exciting and entertaining. From time to time, you’ll see many establishments, people walking, and awesome nature that can make your journey worthwhile. Sometimes, you can stop by to buy some delicacies, go to the toilet in gas stations and restaurants, rest for a minute and breath some fresh air. 🙂

Here in the desert, it’s just really too plain. You’ll see great amount of sand, some rocks, and that’s it. I’m always on the look out to see something different whenever we travel from Jeddah to Yanbu, which is around 3-4 hrs by car. No restrooms in between.

Anyway, here are things that caught my attention. I couldn’t take the picture of the camels because they were too far. Plus, I was taking these photos while the car was in motion. (FYI. I’m a passenger and not a driver. Women are not allowed to drive here)

looks like cabins

Desert plants. There’s actually a sandstorm here, that’s why it looks yellowish.
abandoned wheel
sandstorm area signage
additional, the beatiful sunset

2 thoughts on “Things You See In the Desert

    1. I agree. I’m happy when I see camels, it makes me feel that my trip has become extraordinary.=) I haven’t tried Yanbu to Madinah yet, just Jeddah to Taif- the scariest drive to the top. =)

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