The Writer’s Manifesto: The Heart and Art of Writing

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I love this Writer’s Manifesto by Jeff Goins. Every idea in this manifesto is exactly how I see blogging or writing. I love writing my thoughts. I honestly express myself  better in writing than in actual confrontations.

I’ve been blogging since I was in college- way, way, back when blogging wasn’t even famous yet. I stopped for quite some time and saw how the blogging world has evolved along with all the tips, ways, and guidelines just to get followers or traffic, which I find really puzzling. Of course, it’s all business for some. I tried following them, but I did not really feel comfortable about it. I felt I was trying to be another person.

So if you are being dragged by the whole blogging universe to be this and that, and to do this and that…then here are some great lines from the Writer’s Manifesto:

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22 thoughts on “The Writer’s Manifesto: The Heart and Art of Writing

  1. I’ve been blogging way, way back in college also and I’m not used to how blogs work nowadays. I actually felt a slump some months ago because I felt that I wasn’t blogging like the other mom-bloggers I read. But yeah, I realized that I don’t need to conform. I just need to blog and write from the heart <3 Thanks for sharing!

  2. Couldn’t be any truer. I used to believe that blogging is all about going to events, getting sponsors and being everywhere. Now I believe it’s more on being able to share your thoughts, ideas and whatever that comes in your mind that you’d love to share to other people who might find it interesting or beneficial as well. The other things is just a bonus cause what’s most important is that we have fun.

  3. I can’t remember not writing at all. I’ve started writing stories when I was a kid and then joined writing contests in elementary and moved to writing for the school paper when I was in high school.. It’s like therapy, only cheaper. 🙂

  4. Wow I love this! I really love writing and like you, have been blogging ever since we had access to internet haha. I tried to blog professionally but at the end of the day, I just want to write.

  5. This is so true! To us, writing is a part of life already! When I was in HS, before I even learned to blog, I have these diaries where I just write anything. That’s what I feel with my blog now. haha.

  6. I love everything it says. Blogging used to be an online diary before but look, its now one of the ways to earn money. In my case, I blog because I want to improve my writing skills because honestly, it sucks hehehe

  7. i cannot agree with you more. oftentimes, i feel sad when all i see in my blog are what i call “obligation” post, i am at my best element when i write personal posts about my life, my little man + our adventures. definitely downloading this! 🙂

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