The Stand


Those who stand for nothing

Fall for anything.

We have to stand firm on the truth. Promote what is noble, pure, excellent, and every thing worthy of praise.

It’s funny that people publish and promote foolish things sometimes while the good people are too embarrassed to do good. It’s sad. I think we should start promoting the good things for people to see that things can be different; that there are also great things are happening around us,  that amazing things are happening to people around the world in the midst of this generation’s chaotic surroundings.

It’s not all bad. Sometimes, we need to get inspiration from those who live in scarcity yet give generously. We need to learn from those who look small yet are very strong and powerful in their simple, moving acts. The world needs to see, that there are people  who stand on the good side. That though they are unheard, they can choose the better or the best way. That they are not the only one standing. That they are not alone in doing good.

What if? What if our simple acts of love can help inspire a person to change, a family to be revived, a city to be transformed, and a country to be restored?  🙂 Dream BIG!

Start by standing up for what is right. 

5 thoughts on “The Stand

  1. Doing good is great, and I agree with you that our generations today is getting worst, little act of goodness sometimes will encourage others to do the same. Iba na talaga ang panahon ngayon 🙁

    1. Oo nga e. This is the generation that will soon teach our kids, if we do this generation good, if we help them be at their best, it is like helping our kids as well. =)

  2. Kaya I believe in the idea of paying it forward. By doing one good deed in exchange of a good one received, we are teaching our children that there is still hope in the world 🙂

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