The Red Sea

Behold, the great Red Sea…is not really red. Haha

Still,  it is a great view. Red or blue, it still gives people happiness and a relaxing experience.

Kids play here, families gather to eat, share stories, and just take a moment to breathe. =)

Know more about the Red Sea: Some interesting facts about the Red Sea

If you are interested in taking a scuba diving lesson and explore the sea, check out: Diving in Jeddah’s page =) Enjoy!

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12 thoughts on “The Red Sea

  1. Bakit nga hindi Red? hehehe! It is really nice if you have this view because it is really relaxing. As of now, I can enjoy seaview everyday because I stay in my mom’s place which is near the sea.

  2. It has always been a dream to see the Red sea. This dream started when I read about it a long time ago. And it is nice to know that aside from the breathtaking scenery, there are sports activities available.

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