The Month in Photos

This post was supposed to be a “The Week in Photos” post, but because I had poor no connection  for  many days, I had to draft all the photos and decided to make it a “The Month in Photos” post.

November 2015

Seaside. Picnic on a Saturday morning.

 Mulan. This is one of my favorite Disney movies. The fun part of taking care of kids is you can play some of the cartoons or movies you’ve loved as a child. 🙂  📺🎉

Happy Birthday, Migs! :) He was teething on his birthday and was not in the mood to celebrate. 😐 This picture below was taken I think one or two days after his birthday.

Activities. Since classes were cancelled for two days due to bad weather, I had to think of extra activities for Jacob and Migs.



Baking. Finally! After 2 months! Simple chocoalate cupcakes, because my kids don’t eat the the cupcakes with frosting. If you want to see some of the cupcakes with frostings I’ve made, feel free to read this post of cupcake archives.
Kiddie cupcakes
Oreo cupcakes
Gold sprinkled cupcakes with Kitkat
Cream cheese with chocolate ganache cupcakes
Frozen themed cupcakes
Red velvet cupcakes with chocolate chips
Cream cheese with heart sprinkles
Fruity cupcakes
Mini cupcakes


Weather. Classes were cancelled due to the bad weather. It rained for some hours and flood was everywhere.

Fresh orang juice. =) My sons were so happy juicing fresh oranges again. This was very time consuming, but they were really happy doing it, and of course, I was happy because they were drinking fresh juice.

Crafting. I finally had time to do some crafts. It’s very relaxing for me to do this. Find out my post about this..



Done with the School of Leaders class. Finally. =) It was a great class, with great classmates and teachers. I learned a lot. =)

and so to all students who have graduated:

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Family days. Back to the routines and aventures of Jeddah life.


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That’s it. Thank you, Lord for the strength to face and finish Novemer 2015. =)

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