The Little Things :)

These are just random updates here and there.

Little Toys

Years ago, I had pens, books, and files on my desk. Now, I have a small train and I don’t even know how it got there. 🙂

Toys everywhere. When you have kids in the house, even your kitchen will have toys. Under the couch, inside the drawers, under the pillows. They have slowly and secretly populated the house. :)haha


Little Learnings (?!?)

I heard my 2 year old son say the folling shapes while playing: Rectangle- circle-square-diamond-

So out of curiosity, I took a piece the purple piece and asked him what shape it was and he said “pentagon”. My eyes opened wide, I took the orange piece not knowing what to expect. He then answered “octagon” in a singing tone. My gosh, I learned those shapes in school! Haha

Anyway, thank you to The Shape Song in Youtube. 🙂


(Short) Little Words

Act. If we know we can help, then act. 🙂


Little Hands

I don’t know who’s enjoying the Game Zones more, the parents or the kids? 🙂


Little Earrings

Cute little earrings. I usually make my earrings. I like simple stud earrings like these. Just glue together swarovski pieces on earring pins, let them dry and done!

Check out other earrings I’ve made here

Little Tears 

The movie Up is one of the saddest animated movies I’ve watched. I don’t like the start of the movie where Ellie had to die. So sad. Why would you do that in a kiddie movie? 🙁

Little Lovely Communities

Just finished WordPress’ Blogging 101. It’s a free online course by WordPress where you will be on the basics of blogging.  You will have very helpful mentors from WordPress and active classmates around the world who also blog. It was really fun and interactive. I really recommend this to people who love writing. 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 7.38.28 PM

These are the courses offered: (Some are already closed for registration. You have to wait for the next time they’ll open it…soon. =) )

How about you? What are the little things that made your week? 🙂

3 thoughts on “The Little Things :)

  1. I enjoyed this! What a great way to round up the things in your week that we usually overlook. I especially loved the storey about your little one learning shapes. My 3-year-old is basically self-taught on a lot of things because of videos like that. 😉 I love that it makes learning fun and I get to be there for the encouragement!

    1. True. =) Sometimes, I let them watch educational videos to supplement their learnings. Not too much. Especially at this age that I can still control what they can watch, watching educational videos can be a great help.

  2. I can so relate to you sis.. With kids learnings, their hundreds of toys, those kiddie perks we enjoy as well, andyeah i make accessories too.. I love that wordpress offers online wokshops such as those u mentioned. I have attended blogging 101 as well, some mo ths ago. This post teminded me to look back on the scheds of workshops, coz i’m joining obe again.

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