The Girl Who Kept Saying “No”

People who dwell on negative ideas accomplish little things. They work less and seldom say ‘yes’ to other people.

I was once a negative thinker. The pessimistic type of person who expected the worst in every situation. Give me a task, and I’d refuse because I’m afraid things might not go the way they should. Show me an opportunity to excel, and I’d say “no” thinking I can’t do it, and that I’m not good enough, not even capable enough to try it.

I only took notice of this when I heard myself saying “no, no, no” to almost every idea or suggestion given to me. I wouldn’t be surprised if I was labeled as the girl who always says “no” that time.

It was difficult for me to change that attitude. I knew back then that saying “yes” would require extra effort later on. Extra time would then me demanded of me. It took me some time to hold my tongue from saying no so I could think and change the way I see things.

I was becoming stagnant. I decided to change. I became more determined to look at things differently. I started being a person of hope instead of discouragement. You see, saying an instant ‘no’ to suggestions without any explanations can put an immediate discouragement to people who gave the suggestions. Obviously, I’ve brought heavy discouragements to people who have trusted me, yet heard me say “no”.

The truth is that there’s always a better way to look at things. A person may look at the color black as death and dark forces while others may see it as a stylish and elegant when used by women (like how I see black). It’s the same when we look at problems and trials. We can try for once to start looking at these problems and trials the other way aroundLet’s look at them as tools to make us better persons, sharpened and ready for better things ahead of us.

Have you recently turned down every moment to grow? Well,  start considering what others say. Look at things the other way around and say ‘yes’ to the challenges ahead. Stop being the very person that stops your growth by saying “no” to every great opportunity that comes your way.

This is a  repost. Originally posted December 1, 2010

32 thoughts on “The Girl Who Kept Saying “No”

  1. OMG! relate so much! still remember before, I am the woman who lacks of confident. Ayaw kong e try ang isang bagay kasi takot ako na ma bully e correct,etc. but I thank the Lord kasi nag bago lahat yun at willing ako at naging open na ako. Kasi it really helps me to become a better a person 🙂

  2. I am sometimes a negative thinker. Minsan, I would doubt myself kung kaya ko ba and all. It started to change when I had a son. Kasi if I can’t be a positive thinker for myself, I should at least do it for the people who loves and care of me. I am still a work in progress and there are times that I’m still hesitant to do things. But I am hoping that I will be better at thinking positive.

  3. Im the opposite! I always say yes and is always optimistic! however, too much confidence doesn’t always guarantee good results, atleast i’ve tried, but saying no either wouldn’t do us any better.. Im glad you’ve found the courage to improve… without challenges, we will not grow! thanks for sharing! 🙂

  4. this (the yes man) tickled my interest. i’ll check this out next if i find the time 🙂 i’m glad that you, my dear writer worked it out for the best

  5. I am an optimistic person. It is so nice to read that you want to change ways and think more positively.



  6. I love being challenged with new things and have received so much blessing when I say ‘yes’ to them. I’m glad that you are now finding the courage to say yes to yours as well 🙂

  7. Too much of everything is not good. Overtly optimism isn’t healthy too. Pessimism brings positive results too as you learn to reserve and explore other options in case the first one doesn’t work out as expected. Keep everything in balance lang, Mommy. 🙂

  8. This post encourage us a lot to think positive in all things, sometimes nauunahan kasi ng mga negatives, but why we give a shot just to try na kaya naman pala natin. God is always there for us to help us. gawin lang natin ang part natin.

  9. Wow I’m so glad you were able to change your perspective about life! I’m your opposite – – I’m a yes girl and sometimes I find myself in less than pleasant situations. I just count them as experiences.

  10. Hindi lahat. Pinapakiramdaman ko if I could do a thing or not. I listen to my instinct and I compare my past related experiences if i could do things. Pero there are times kasi na as in zero knowledge ako sa isang bagay kaya if there’s a huge offer sa akin, I don’t grab it immediately. Though there are things din na I do spontaneously.

  11. Good to know you were able to change your perspective 🙂 Minsan talaga, its easier to dwell on the negative things rather than look at the positive side. Thanks for this post 🙂

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