The Foolish Wife

As wives, what do we do when our husbands are down? How do we talk to them when they have bought the wrong item from the grocery? Do we shout at them when they can’t multi-task like super moms?! haha

Well, there’s this story of a husband who was once both very wealthy and healthy. One day, he lost his children, his riches, and his health deteriorated. In his sickly and troublesome state, his wife, instead of encouraging him; affirming him how great God can be; assuring him what God can do in his situation, questioned his stand and told him to just curse God and die. The husband’s reply? This:

But he said to her, “You speak as one of the foolish women would speakShall we receive good from God, and not trouble?” -Job 2:9

Have you had those times? Of course, YESSSS. =P Those times when you just want to roll your eyes and say all the bad things you want to say. =) You’ve probably had those days.

This is a great reminder of how a wife should not act as foolish woman in the midst of difficulties. Rather, she should be supportive and respectful. Always there to encourage and be a partner in life.

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