The Ease of Ordering Online

I have to admit that it took me some time to finally start ordering online. Mainly for fear of defective products and worse, undelivered ones. Well, those two reasons have happened to some, but I believe online shopping has great advantages that far outweighs its downsides.

Some advantages of buying items online.
1. Save money. There are great items that are just really not available in Tarlac, Philippines even in Jeddah. If I travel just to buy the product, it will cost me so much more…around 5x more costly than the shipping fee.
For example, the fee I paid for shipping in my last order: 150 pesos

If I had gone to Manila, it would have cost me 500-1000 pesos (transportation + food, etc) For this reason, I saw how practical it was to just try ordering online hoping it would arrive. It did. In good condition.
Sharpie pens are available at @anythinggoes_mnl (Instagram)

2. Save time. If it’s not so urgent, then waiting wouldn’t be a problem. I can do other things while waiting for the items to arrive. If you are buying an e-book, the comfort of being able to download it instantly is just so satisfying. Unless you prefer a hardcopy.
For downloading e-book in PH, use Buqo app. In less than 5-10minutes, you’ll be able to download and read your book.

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You will be required to have a PayPal if youΒ don’t have one then BDO account will do. Be sure you can access BDO online to make the transaction faster. πŸ™‚Β

3. Save energy. It’s obvious that traffic is almost everywhere. It can be very tiring to get stuck in it knowing I can just stay at home waiting for the item I’ve ordered. This is helpful for moms with kids who finds it difficult to go out.

I bet you’d rather shop online now. There are things to consider before you order. First, be sure to check if the seller is credible. Check the ratings and feedbacks given by other buyers. Second, if you don’t have a credit card or PayPal account, it will be helpful to have online access to your bank accounts so you can easily transfer money to the seller.

If you know some great, credible online stores, please feel free to post them on the comment below for other readers to be informed.

If you’ve had bad experiences ordering online, please do share your stories, or the online store/seller is possible to serve as a warning. πŸ™‚

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