Teaching Toddlers: Save Those Eggshells!

Lately, I’v been cautiously keeping eggshells after using them in the kitchen. Eggshells can be used in many toddler activities. Mosaic, painting, fine motor activity for ages 2-3 yrs, and many more. For the past days, I’ve been keeping eggshells for mosaic and painting activities. BEFORE THE ACTIVITY: Show some SIMPLE (not advanced) mosaic samples or pictures to your child. This will help him have an idea on the outcome and what to do. Giving him an advanced or a very beautiful sample may frustrate him immediately if he sees that his work so far from what he has seen. You can show the more bautiful ones later on, or in the next mosaic activities. =)

Materials for the eggshell mosaic activity:

  • gluestick (this dries faster than other types glue or paste)
  • eggshells
  • paper with a drawn image. If your child can draw, let him draw on the paper first.
  • watercolor
  • brush
  • water

1. Wash the eggshells and let them dry. I do this right after using them for cooking.
2. Crush. Crush. Crush. Use a mortar if you want finer eggshells.
If you have a younger toddler, you can let him do this part. They love crushing anything at their age.
3. Put some glue on the surface of the picture or area where you want the shells to be placed.
4. Start sprinkling the shells. Let them dry. A wet glue could ruin the painting process later on as the shells tend to stick to the brush because of the wet glue.
5. Start painting. Just dab, dab, dab. Don’t brush the eggshells. =)
Paint the background for better results.

IMG_0933 Pros:

  • This activity helps a child get used to different textures.
  • Promotes creativity, color combination, proper color placing, etc.
  • Helps a child to focus.
  • Accuracy. The placing of shells (in the long run) helps a child’s fine motor skills be developed. Putting the shells on their proper place requires concentration.


  • It can be a bit messy (at first). Once they get the hang of it, you can let them do the activity on their own.
  • If you have another child (younger, perhaps?), then be sure he’s sleeping, or doing something else. If you want to include him in the activity, make sure he’s not in the stage of putting everything into his mouth anymore. =) Give him a paper, a brush, let him paint, or color. This can be a bit difficult as their span of time to for activities  may be shorter. Hopefully, by the time the younger ones are bored, the older one is almost halfway the activity. (That’ll be good. =) )


  • This activity needs a little adult supervision at first.
  • Just be sure to prepare everything.
  • Establish a routine  or a system on how your child should do it STEP by STEP. This is very important. The process will help him do it easier on his own later on. He will remember the sequence of how you did the activity with him. =)
  • Be sure the gluestick is really sticky or the shells will just fall later on.
  • Have a bowl beside you or a container for the loose shells. Train your child to put shells that fall back to the bowl immediately . This will lessen the mess on the table, and he’ll learn to have a neat working environment even in a supposed to be messy activity like this one. This will also be helpful in case you have a crawling baby who might eat the shells on the floor.

Hope this helps. Be sure to save those eggshells from now on. Have them available and visible so your child would be encouraged to make the activity. If you have advanced kids or teenagers, you might want to challenge them to do these eggshell activities below:

Try these other eggshell activities around the web:


p style=”text-align: left;”>Colored eggshells- dyed eggshells

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  1. Well that is one splendid idea! I have two weeks of school holidays coming up and this is an activity my 3-year old will enjoy tremendously. Lots of eggs will be eaten in our household in the weeks to come 🙂

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