Tavola Shop, Jeddah

Tavola, Jeddah is a shop where you can find first class baking and cooking equipment. It has been a really long time since I last visited Tavola Shop in Tahlia and my wallet is excited because they now have numerous baking tools. It’s a heaven for those who love working in the kitchen.

I love Tavola for the unique items you can find there when it comes to kitchen tools, but it can be a bit expensive. Original Japanese knives range from 600- 1000 plus riyals. The only consolation is you know you’ll have a good quality product that will last longer (hopefully) than those bought from thrift stores.

Anyway, here are the items you can see inside Tavola, Jeddah. Enjoy! =)

Let’s start with the baking tools.

Here are the products for cooking:

That’s it. Hope you found what you are looking for in those pictures.

They did have fondant by the way, they were on sale when I was there. If you buy one piece it’s 40-50 plus riyals. If you buy 2, the cost is 20 riyals for both. What a bargain. They only had this brand when I went there, though.

Massa Ticino

If you are looking for other places in Jeddah to buy fondant, you can check Cake Decoration Center  or Bakemate Jeddah . For Wilton products and other baking tools, you can find them in Cake Arts, Jeddah.

Visit Tavola Shop’s website: Tavola Shop, Jeddah to see individual products.

Tavola Shop, Jeddah is located inside Thalia mall (1st floor)

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