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Some photos from Instagram this week.

Art & music combined by Fender 🎢🎸🎨

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Saw this in Sarawat,Β Jeddah. I think it’s cool. =) I’ve seen some people who are fond of doodling doing this on their guitars or other instruments, but it was my first time to see one in a shop.

Next is a throwback from a Singapore trip. This post made me want to travel again.

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@steakhouseksa ‘s soup of the day…LUGAW. πŸ€πŸ™‚ #jeddah #jeddahrestaurants

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Above is Steakhouse’s Soup of the Day. The waiter was just too excited to reveal it to us and I had mixed emotions upon hearing LUGAW. Of course, I like Lugaw, and I’m happy it has been added to their Soup of the Day list. A part of me though was thinking that I’d rather have Lugaw at home, I felt I wanted to be served something different instead. haha I guess I was looking for something unique coming from one of Jeddah’s finest restaurants, but hey, LUGAW is something unique to the rest of the nationalities here. So, I ate it quietly and was just thankful for its recognition as Soup of the Day. haha =)

Chic and iconic French dining experience @laylasgourmet #jeddah

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Layla’s Gourmet. I visited Layla’s last week. It was indeed an experience. Had I not seen other ladies in their abayas, I’d think I were in France having an evening coffee and cake.

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Love endures. πŸ’πŸ’

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All this time I was thinking that the silver wedding celebration of my friend would be next week. It just dawned on me yesterday that it is actually THIS Friday already. Β I need to prepare. =)

*I’m actually just trying out how to embed Instagram posts on a WordPress post without a plugin. =) It’s pretty easy.


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