Sharpies + Popsicle Sticks

Having colored pens at home or any form of coloring materials can be very handy when you have toddlers at home.

Since school is already done for Philippine schools (School is from June-March), I try to give my kids activities in between play times using whatever I have available in the house.


Popsicle sticks. I have large ones available.

Popsicle sticks

We started with the animal colors. We’ve recently watched Madagascar the movie so we used the animals that were present there like zebra, giraffe, tiger, etc.

Animal prints
Animal prints

Then we added people and other characters. They then used these as characters in their play times.  Kids can then use it like characters for their stories and other activities.


My eldest son showing his creations to his baby brother. =)

There are so many things you can do with these ordinary Sharpies and popsicle sticks. =) Have you tried any activity using either of the two materials? Share them in the comment box below. =)

You can also check this collection of Sharpies and popsicle sticks activities for kids:

You can buy popsicle sticks in Jarir Bookstore, Jeddah.

Sharpies, I bought online from @anythinggoes_mnl when I was on vacation.

Sharpie 80's Glam sets are available again! 💚💙💜 P1,200 per set 🍭 Both fine and ultra fine available! ✍🏼

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3 thoughts on “Sharpies + Popsicle Sticks

  1. I also collect Sharpies, basta nakita ko na meron ibang kulay sa NBS, buy agad ako. Kahit minsan yung black lagi ko nagagamit. hehehe! I used popsicle sticks for crafts pero now, madalang na since grade school na anak ko, bihira na kami mag-art activity.

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