Seize the Day

There are people who don’t seem to have any problems. They carry themselves well with or without the tensions in their lives. This boy here just nailed a good shot in the midst of a messy background, messy hair, loose shirt, name it! 😂😂 So if you are in the midst of a messy situation, stop drowning yourself in negative, depressing thoughts that make you feel worthless. Keep calm, trust God, look great, think of the beauty behind the ashes and stand up victorious. You can always make a choice to see yourself as a victim or a victor. As someone who is helpless or someone who can help other people. 🤗

You can keep on blaming other people for your situation or be optimistic enough to just thank that person for putting you in a difficult situation that will make you stronger as a person. Blaming others won’t help that much. It will put you in a bitter situation rather than a better one.

I’ve had those moments of helplessness as well. Have you had those moments? It can suck the life out of you. Those bad moments where everything white seems black and every colorful event looks just so grey. Well, you don’t have to dwell on that. You have a brand new day ahead. You have a choice to make. Make a better one. The best one even.

I want you to seize the day today. Look at your situation from a different perspective, from a different angle. Look at the roses instead of the thorns, at the learnings and results instead of the tedious journey, at the good rather than the bad. Keep in mind that God will not give you something more than what you can bear. 🙂

Keep calm and trust God.

Making the most of the situation,


In response to WordPress’ Dailypost: Messy
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6 thoughts on “Seize the Day

  1. Whatever you’re looking for, you’re going to find it. – Bryant McGill

    Btw, I might copy your categories/ pages where you separated Jeddah and Philippines. 🙂

      1. Ngayon ko nga lang din naisip paghiwalayin. Two weeks ko na iniisip ano gagawin, hindi ko naman pwede ilagay both countries under “Travels” kasi hindi naman sila ibang bansa/ pasyal 😛

        Salamat. 🙂

  2. I agree with you, the best example is social media. When you browse your newsfeed, you see some people who don’t seem to have any challenges or problems in life. Parang happy and perfect lang ang buhay but the truth is they also have their own struggles in life na hindi na kelangan ipost. There is no perfect life, we have our own battles to face every day.

  3. Every situation even it’s good or bad has always a purpose. We should be thankful and grateful for all the things and situation because it help us to grow PRAYER is the key and sieze the day 🙂

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