Sadeem Hotel Suites, Taif

I’ve been to Taif less than ten times and I’ve never been to the city center to stay for more than a day.

Taif, Saudi Arabia

Mainly because most of the time that I was there were for sightseeing purposes only like what we did when we visited Taif in 20106 and went to the park, mountain, and the dirt bike and camel rides. Here’s the video of that trip:

This time, since my husband went there for work, we had the chance to stay for a night. We looked for a hotel that is near important establishments like restaurants, and malls in case there is something important to buy in the middle of our stay there.

A few walks away from Sadeem hotel.

Sadeem Luxury Suites Hotel

We found Sadeem hotel which is very close to a mall and many restaurants. This is important because there are other nice hotels, but they are 20 minutes away from the nearest store. Being close to stores is important especially if you have kids with you. Emergencies happen like you run out of diaper, food, water, extra shirt, medicine, etc. and you just need to be as close to stores as possible. Yes, even if it is just for 2 days.

Bedroom (Sadeem hotel, Taif)


So above here is the bedroom which has a huge bed, two chairs and a table. There are built-in cabinets as well. We had to request for extra blankets and pillows, but the staff, knowing we had kids with us, gave us extra 2 beddings(foam), blankets, and pillows. That was really thoughtful of them. Even in five star hotels, they would usually just give extra two pillows and a blanket. I think they gave us 4 extra pillows, 2 linens, 2 blankets. In short, I highly appreciate apartments and hotels (or the staff?) that do this.

Extra beddings


Almost all the basic things you need to cook and eat are available in the kitchen. There’s fridge, toaster, and microwave as well. I suggest you bring your own spoons, forks, and bottles of water if your going to stay longer and planning to actually cook. Plus, ladles, they don’t have those.

Living room (Sadeem hotel, Taif)


There’s washing machine. Just bring laundry soap if you are planning to stay here for 3 days or more. You can make use of their washing machine while waiting or if you run out of clothes? =)

Bathroom (Sadeem hotel, Taif)

Living room

The living room is wide and kids can enjoy the space. Bring toys for kids to play with. There’s also a small empty room which can be used as a playroom or if you came as a group, it can be used as another room (just use the extra beddings).

Living room (Sadeem hotel, Taif)


Breakfast, like in most hotels are included. The usual bread, salad, eggs, and other Arabian foods are served. You can check out the video I made below to see the buffet area.

If you want to know more about Sadeem Hotel Suites, you can visit’s entry for Sadeem Hotel.

Here’s a video of Sadeem Hotel, Taif and Souk Okaz

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