Redefining Tagaytay

This place may not dance with the clouds, but it sings along the echo of the nature’s vastness. At any point in time, you can find yourself staring down at the perfect serendipity of the Creator’s craftsmanship telling you that this, far away from the city’s clamor, is a balcony of your home.

Photo Credit: Knot Martinez

For all we know, Tagaytay is a high-altitude town of Cavite that overlooks the majestic Taal Volcano of Batangas. It literally sits on a ridge that stretches to about 32 kilometers from Mt. Batulao to the west of Mt. Masungay! Enough of geography though, I would like to share my personal accounts during an unplanned road trip with my best buddies.

We came from a tiresome mountain hike in Batangas, ready to go home in Tanza, Cavite only to be captivated by the invitation of Tagaytay. That time, the ambient temperature dropped to 15 °C. It was so irresistible that we even went to Picnic Grove to lie on its slopes of green grass. The winds cradled us to a short nap as we lay our blankets on and listen to the chirping birds above the trees. We woke up after one and a half hours but our body felt as though we’ve been only slouching for 30 minutes! Luckily, all of our belongings are still intact and complete! But wait, you have to prepare just a minimal amount of Php50 for the entrance fee.

A lot has happened inside the Picnic Grove since I visited it last 15 years ago with my family! Yes, 15 years! It is now jam-packed with a lot of activities that will hypnotize you to forget about the time. Popular among kids and teens is the horse-back riding that costs Php150 for 30 minutes. Groggy and hungry, we still tried this one and guess what? We were bouncing our body off all throughout the ride because who else wouldn’t? It’s so hard to balance at the back of the horse, let alone focus on the trail.

And oh, who would want to miss the adrenaline rush of a Zipline? Not us! Since it’s weekdays, we had experienced the two-way ride for Php400 each. For those who have no guts to fly alone or in pair at the top of a 300ft high, 250 meter long zipline, a cable car is available if that makes you feel safer. After that we were really on our way to find some good food to munch but again the Fish Spa caught our attention because why not? Who wouldn’t want to be tickled by the doctor fish while your dirts are being removed from your feet for only Php200 in 1 hour? It goes with a free massage afterwards.
The day wouldn’t be complete without us eating somewhere else. Just in front of Picnic Grove are an endless array of restaurants and carinderias for an affordable price and a sumptuous meal. We tried a resto named Bulalo Point where the hero of the dishes is… bulalo of course! A bowl costs Php280. Watch out for the cholesterol content if you have a high blood pressure, though. Guilty pleasure, as they say. Now that our stomachs are filled up, we finally went on to continue our road trip going back home. We could have stopped along the way to visit the Sky Ranch, Puzzle Mansion, and People’s Park, but we have to admit this day doesn’t last forever and we have to take a rest.

Sky Ranch, Tagaytay

Tagaytay has an endless variety of places to try and pay a visit to, as it is now commercialized and opened for tourism unlike before. However, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to taste Tagaytay. You just need a random crazy foot that will lead you to the corners here that no money can ever pay off – the wonders of nature.

If you are planning to stay there for a night or two, be sure to visit Traveloka’s list of hotels in Tagaytay.

Edneil Jocusol is a 25 year old engineering grad who is currently working in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. This creative artist sings, plays different musical instruments, acts, climbs mountains, teaches music/vocals, writes and many more.  You can visit his site Faith Capsule, where he blogs to inspire people all over the world what it feels like to have Christ in life.
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