Pre-Nup Photo Shoot: JR & Sherilyn

This is my second chance to be part of a Pre-nup photo shoot/photoshoot. During the first one though, I was still trying to know how to use my camera, haha. Here, I’m not yet a pro, but I felt more comfortable and confident on how to use the settings while at the shoot.

I love the fact that I’m not the main photographer at that time. I was not pressured to take the best shots. =) It was just a great opportunity to practice and play with the lights and elements around. These two images are too exposed. Too bright, especially the second one. =) IMG_8929



IMG_8900 IMG_8924

IMG_8960 IMG_8961 IMG_8962

Playing in the sand

In the above (3) photos, I used the rocks to indirectly tell that they were near the sea. Using the natural elements seen around can add detail and knowledge to where the photo was taken.

I love this picture above. The natural lights that illuminated the hallways added a beatiful effect to the image.


I used the flowers in the above photo to give the viewers and idea of the surroundings. That it wasn’t just a plain street. That there were flowers around, too.

I love shooting with green and red colors, or any bright colors. They make the pictures alive.IMG_9234 IMG_9241 IMG_9269

The pillars above created a great background to contrast the bride-to-be’s outfit.
IMG_9316This last photo is where the photographers had a hard time. It was already sunset and it was a race against time and light. Natural light is a photographer’s bestfriend. Without it, the thumb-tiring settings must be changed from time to time to keep up with the dark background.

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5 thoughts on “Pre-Nup Photo Shoot: JR & Sherilyn

  1. You’ve got an eye for detail! I particularly like your series of photos of the couple by the rocks, as well as of the couple crossing the street. I agree with you that it can be fun to take photos without the pressure that they need to be perfect! 😀

    Good luck with your future shoots!

  2. Nice pictures! It must be fun to be part of shoots like this. I want to improve my photography skills too but I have to buy a DSLR first. 🙂

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