Teaching Toddlers: Sorting Colors

My mom gave this colored pens that consists of detachable heads with different emotions to Jacob. This kept him busy for quite some time. 🙂

I have some empty surprise eggs in the house. I thought of using them as containers so my son can put the colors of the heads to their proper containers.

You can use any items in the house for this activity. You don’t need expensive toys or items to teach kids about sorting and identifying colors. Look around and begin to identify the colors. Say them aloud. They’ll remember it.

Examples of items you can use for sorting colors:

  • Shirts/ clothes. Just yesterday as I was folding the clothes, the kids saw the pile of clothes and happily dived and imagined the clothes as their beds. So I told them to sort the clothes. I was just really trying to get their minds off playing with the clothes. It worked. They sorted the clothes according to who owns them. So another way is by sorting the clothes according to color. (Advanced: type of clothes like: all the dresses, pants, shirts, etc.)
  • ballpens. If you have many pens in the house, you can use this activity to teach them to sort the colors.
  • bags. A fashionista mom, eh? Well, make those bags useful for learning. =) Perfect time to take out those bags to use with new clothes you’ve got.
  • toys. You can scatter their toys and let them put all the blues here, the reds there, the yellows over there…
  • vegetables. If you are preparing food, let them combine vegetables that are of the same colors.
  • books.
  • candies
  • gummy bears
  • m&m’s. One of my favorite tools for teaching kids about colors. =)

Have you tried sorting activities with your kids? What items did you use? Or another strategy, perhaps? Share your ideas.

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