Teaching Toddlers: Toy Animals

*This is a  re-post with updates. Originally posted on: April 17, 2014
Weeks ago, my husband and my son came home with new toys. I got excited at the thought that I’d have new ‘subjects for shooting” for playtime. =))
-Possible things to learn for this playtime with toy animals:
  • Animal names. You can play as farmers, and act as if you are calling each animal. This is a review of the names of the animals.
  • Numbers. Ask your child to count the animals.
  • Sounds.  Make the animal sounds and let them mimic you.
  • Colors of the animals. 
  • Categorizing. Guide your kid to group together animals of the same color, animals that eat the same food, big animals, small animals, etc you get the point =) .
  • Animal food. What those animals eat (in this case, there’s a tree…so we just acted that the giraffe was eating the leaves on the tree).
  • Actions that animals make. (Ex. The kangaroo jumps. The fish swims. The bird flies. )
  • Moral lessons. Stories of friendship & sharing (ex. The cow and the horse are friends…they can eat together or stay together, etc.)

Always maximize the use of toys. Let kids learn from them as they play. This is one way of teaching them without feeling pressured. Whenever there’s a toy lying around. Think of what a child can learn from it. Colors, numbers, shapes, etc.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Toys

How about you? How have you used toy animals or any toy to encourage learning? Share them below. =)
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2 thoughts on “Teaching Toddlers: Toy Animals

  1. Yay! Thanks for the ideas sis! Konti lang kasi ang alam ng mga kids ko sa animals. Papasok na kame this coming pasukan so I thought these are nice ideas to teach them on animals while playing.

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