Photography| “Highlights”

I love everything about this photo.

We were staying in a hotel in Yanbu and my kids were playing by the window. I was breastfeeding my youngest son near the bed and I couldn’t stand up to go for a better angle but I thought this perspective was enough to capture the moment.

I used my iphone8 plus for this shot. I used photo mode and lowered the exposure/brightness by sliding my finger down the screen. This resulted in a darker image but leaving all the lit part highlighted.

My attention was on the window. Little did I know that the bed part was also lit due to the room lights above. This was taken around noon time.

I also used my Canon 600D to take other shots, yes, while breastfeeding. 😂 I’ll upload the shots soon.

Anyway, I really like this shot. I like playing with exposure so I can see how dramatic a normal picture can look like. 😁

How about you? What are the tweaks and tricks you do to make an ordinary shot into something different? Share your creativity below. 🤗

Have a nice day!

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