Philippines | Of Streets & Bells

If you are a tourist in the Philippines, you’ve probably heard bells ring or horns honk in the streets around 3 to 4 tines a day. These sounds or sometimes, musical carts, are from vendors trying to tell the kids they’re coming so they’d better prepare their coins. Parents would then rush to their wallets to prepare the coins.

In the morning, around 7-11am, if you hear them, that’s probably the puto, kutsinta, taho, yakult, binatog or a fruit salad (newly discovered street food) vendor.

In the afternoon, from 2-6pm, the bells would mean the sorebetero or the ice cream vendor. I used to wait for them as a child and patiently hold my glass, ready to run the moment I hear the bell.

Now, there are many new products sold on street carts. Lately, I’ve seen siomai, banana cue, okoy, popcorn, scramble, and many more.

The next time you hear that bell ring, be sure to go out and take a look on what’s for sale. =)

This is melon & agar (gelatin) salad. It’s close to buko salad.

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