Peaches & Cream

·         4 cans of all purpose cream
·         1 can of condensed milk
·         1 pack of Graham crackers or tea biscuits
·         Cashew bits
·         1 can of peach or mango
1.   Mix the all purpose cream and condensed milk in a bowl then set aside.
2.   Put one layer of Graham crackers or tea biscuits in your container.
3.   Pour a thin (or thick if you want) layer of your cream mixture.
4.   Put the peaches (I advise you to cut the canned peaches into half so you won’t have a hard time putting the next layer of graham crackers)
5.   Put another layer of Graham crackers, cream mixture then peaches.
6.   Crush the cashew nuts and sprinkle them on top.

     7. Put in the freezer. 

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