Pattaya Thai Restaurant, Jeddah

Pattaya Thai can be considered as one of the go-to restaurants when you feel like you’re really hungry and could eat a whole table of food.

Pattaya Thai Restaurant has been around for a long time. It’s along Sari area, near Al-Tazaj and Asian restaurant. If you want affordable food with a pretty good serving, here’s a place for you.

These are some of our favorite dishes offered by Pattaya Thai restaurant, Jeddah.

Garlic crackers are given or sometimes assorted pickles while waiting. For soup, it’s a must to try their famous tom yum and latna. For tom yum, there are varieties available like clear and the one with coconut. You also have to inform the waiter if you want the soup to be really spicy or just a moderate one, especially when dining with kids.

Latna soup
Latna soup
Tom Yum
Tom Yum
Fried rice
Fried rice
Fried chicken
Fried chicken
Tom Yum
We call this volcano.
Mixed seafood (volcano). A little spicy.
Pad Thai
Fried rice, good for 2.


For main courses, they have fried chicken with french fries, which kids will really love. Pad thai should also be tried as it is one of Pattaya’s signature dishes. The volcano, as what frequent customers call it is a spicy dish of different seafood cooked in coconut and chilis. The seafood fried rice is also great for families because the serving is good for 2-3 people. They also have sizzling beef, which I really love. Their vegetable dishes that are really good are the asparagus or broccoli with beef/chicken.

I have to warn you though that the place is small and if you are particular with clean bathroom and loves fine dining, then go to Thai-Thai near Sultan mall, because you might get disappointed at this one. Food and money wise, this is okay and affordable, especially when you go in groups. A group of 6-8 people can just amount to 200 riyals or less. Meals cost from 20-45 SR on an average. Servings are good for almost 2-3 persons.

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