October Throwback

I thought of posting some old posts from October of the previous years.

2015 October Posts

The Writer’s Manifesto. Such a great read for writers by Jeff Goins. =)

The Writer’s Manifesto: The Heart and Art of Writing

Amazing Health Benefits of Taho. Believe it or not, this post has got one of the top hits/ traffic in this site.

Amazing Health Benefits of Taho & Tofu

When Mothers Cry.  No matter how strong a mom is, there will be that instance where she will reach the peak of her emotions-and so tears start falling.

When Mothers Cry

Kitchen Gift Ideas for Moms. Timely for Christmas. =)

Kitchen Gift Ideas For Moms

2014 Posts:

Exhausted Yet Pursuing.  “Maybe you’re like Gideon asking God signs and wonders just so he could believe. I pray that when God does give you the answer, you’ll passionately serve him to the end of your strength. 🙂”

Exhausted Yet Pursuing

If We Could Only Do This. A video about making disciples and focusing on what is essential than what is superficial and short-term. =)

If only we could do this…

2013 Posts: More on reading books. =)

Destination Unknown

And Then There Were None


Back in 2011: Excuse the layout and content because they were imported from my old blog (www.islesgilian.blogspot.com) and I did not bother to fix them when I started blogging in WordPress.

The List: List of names my tutees were suggesting for a boy’s name when they found out I was pregnant. =) Well, it was close to what I chose: Jacob.

The list

My First Muffin– This was my first attempt to bake a cupcake. Looking at how I started, I feel really happy comparing my first muffin to my Hello Kitty cupcakes now. haha I’ve come a long way when it comes to baking.

My First Muffin

For 2016 posts:

Photography| Rain

I was with my family traveling to Madinah around May this year when I saw this view: At first, I thought there was a sandstorm in that area until I…

Ablaze, Journals, and Legacies

Sometimes, I want to browse my old journals. It makes me laugh whenever I read the entries because of the childish things written on them. It is also humbling to…

Jeddah | Random Shots

Lately, I’ve been out on Saturday mornings and I got a pretty view of the city in the morning. As usual, I would take some shots mostly while in a…

The End of Summer

Growing up as a kid, summer vacation meant that I would go to our grandma’s place. The joy of staying at her place without my parents meant I could do…

Chatime Jeddah

I was in Balad, Jeddah two weeks ago and I found out that there’s Chatime there. It’s a small café type set-up where you can buy Milk Tea drinks and…

Urban Gardening|Growing Tomatoes, Bitter Gourd, Lemon, & Bell Pepper at Home

I’ve always thought I had no green thumb. It has always been my mom who can miraculously bring wilted plants to life. She once stuck a torn branch outside our…

Flowers Methods Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Don’t be so bothered with the Flowers Methods name. Google might be the one to blame. 😁 Flowers Methods shop is where you can go for some basic gardening tools…

Life |Summer Morning Routine

The routine in our house changes from time. It all depends on the major activities happening in the day or that season. This post was written when the kids were…

Journal Pages | Bitterness

There are times that we cannot understand some of the problems we are facing today with people. It seems that we are clueless why other people would treat us differently…

Review| China Gate, Jeddah

China Gate is an old Chinese restaurant in Jeddah. It was already here when my family moved here over 15 years ago. ⛩It has hosted many events like birthday parties…

The Happy Memory Pod

While preparing to sleep, my second son excitedly stood up and started a very interesting conversation: Migs: I have an idea!!! Daddy, when you and mommy are old, I will…

Journal Pages| A Joshua Leadership & A Joshua Generation

This is the last chapter of the book of Joshua where he was summarizing everything that happened to them and how God worked through them. He then gave the people…

Life in the Middle of the Desert

My husband’s company had a family day last March and we were not sure if we were still on the right track because—well, look at that photo above. We were…

Songs| Burn the Ships by For the King and the Country

Burn the ships that take us to the past. Addictions, bad memories, wrong relationships, etc. Step into a new day We can rise up from the dust and walk away…

How To Make Souvenir Mugs

Finally did a video showing the process of how to make a souvenir mug using a mug press machine. I bought a mug press machine January this year for personal…

Journal Pages | Honor

As I was reading Romans 1, I was alarmed at how a simple act can progress and put us into a position that causes us to do foolish things. It…

Durrah, Saudi Arabia

This is the part of Saudi Arabia that many people outside (and even those inside) Jeddah don’t see. If you are living outside Saudi Arabia, you may think that we…

Featured App: ESV Bible App + How To Use + Illustrations, Devotionals, and more

This app is a powerful tool which includes devotionals, illustrations, maps, charts, and other helpful resources to help you understand the Bible better.

My Soul Longs For You

My soul longs for you In a dry and weary land Where there is no water Why soul cries out to you As it thirsts As it hungers As it…

Netflix Documentary | A Plastic Ocean

You’ll never want to use plastic again after watching this documentary. You will find yourself very cautious in the use of items made of plastic.



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11 thoughts on “October Throwback

  1. I read your post about when mothers cry, that’s the one with the strongest magnet for me. lol. I remembered when my mom cried. First when she lose her temper on my attitude back when I was in HS and 2nd was a confession she made before I got married. And even now that I just remembered those two, I get really emotional. :/

  2. Wow. You’ve been blogging for so long na pala. And I love your writing style. I’m bookmarking The Writer’s Manifesto as I am interested to know more about it! I think retweeted about this one, too. 🙂 And like Mommy Nilyn, your article “When Mothers Cry” has a pinch in my heart.

  3. Been thinking of doing this. I think I’ve read that one of Jeff Goins. I love Jeff Goins! I have yet to complete the Intentional Blogging course, I’m on my third. That’s why I”m looking forward to the holidays because I plan to get into it. 🙂

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