Notes from “Catching Fire” by Suzanne Collins

This is the book of firsts for me.

First, this is my first serious attempt to read a book after watching its movie version. I don’t usually do that because it’s not my thing to watch a movie twice, and reading the book would be like watching the movie again(I thought). Before reading, I braced myself to be disappointed with the movie. Haha..I’ve always heard people saying books are better than the screen version, and of course it’s very true. 🙂 Will I read a book after watching the movie again? I’m not sure, I don’t think so. Maybe, read first then watch. 

Second, this is my first attempt to read a series. I’ve read one before but didn’t have an idea that it was a trilogy so I didn’t read the 2nd book. I like reading a book that ends its story in the same book.:)  I guess, I’m  to break that, because I’m about to read the third book. 🙂

Third, I think this is the first time I’ve seriously read a fiction/ sci-fi. 

Anyway, the reason I read this was because I wasn’t able to watch it properly. My baby and toddler kind of woke up in the most interesting parts of the movie. Second, I like the story, and I’m interested to know the background and details that weren’t in the movie.I don’t have the luxury of time, I usually insert my reading or watching time while feeding my baby just so I could be a little productive. I’ve learned to appreciate ebooks and Ipads in times like this where I’ve got only one hand that’s free. It would be difficult to hold a book while breastfeeding a baby.

I noticed that lately, I’ve been reading about birds, specifically mockingbirds, jabberjays, and mockingjay. Haha I never planned it, though. So, what’s with these birds?! :p


Catching Fire

Suzanne Collins

December 2, 2013

can’t fight the sun. I can only watch helplessly as it drags me into a day that I’ve been dreading for months

December 2, 2013

But you’ve got to go through it to get to the end of it

December 4, 2013

A spark could be enough to set them ablaze

December 7, 2013

I wish I could freeze this moment, right here, right now, and live in it forever

All Excerpts From

Collins, Suzanne. “Catching Fire.” Scholastic. iBooks.
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