Nikki Gil on Keeping Sex for Marriage


Nikki Gil

Nikki Gil is one among the many famous faces in Philippine showbiz. The first time I saw her was on a Coke commercial where she sang, and I guess, that made way for her to eventually enter showbiz. I’m not really that of a fan, but I like the fact that she’s a very talented person. She does almost everything, from singing, acting to hosting, and she’s pretty good at it.

However, I can say that my respect and admiration increased when I saw this interview of her in Aquino and Abunda. Her stand to keep sex until marriage is admirable, considering that she’s in the entertainment world. People today don’t value purity before marriage and my heart melts every time I see a teen or a single trying his/her best to stay virgin for the lifetime partner God has lovingly prepared for him/her.

My prayer goes to those who have decided to stay pure until marriage. May God strengthen you more. May you be surrounded with people who’ll help, inspire and encourage you until the day you make your wedding vows before men and God. God bless you! May the this generation and the succeeding ones, be inspired by your commitment. 🙂

Nikki Gil interview: Staying virgin is my choice

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