Night Shots In Erlangen

Erlangen, Germany

My husband and I decided to walk home after attending the afternoon service at church. I don’t usually take photos  in the evening. First, I usually get frustrated to see the results as blurred photos especially when I can’t get the right settings for evening shots. Not getting the right settings would bring too much light or could make the subject dark. Second, a steady hand is needed so the lights won’t double in the shots and I can’t keep hand to be steady most of the time for night shots. Since I got nothing to lose anyway, and the place is just so nice to post, I tried it. Here’s what’s left after I deleted the rest of the blurred shots. haha

Erlangen Castle/ Universtiy Admin

a hostpital…more like a haunted house, huh?

street information/clock
It started snowing so I’ll include this shot for the purpose of showing the snow falling. =P

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