Inside the Snail (Movenpick), Jeddah

Reposting: June 22, 2015

Almost everyone here calls this structure the “snail building” or simply “snail”. Not everyone though knows that it’s Movenpick Resort Al Nawras. This structure has served as a landmark for people who go to the Red Sea or Corniche (sea) area. People here are very curious to see what’s inside or how the interior actually looks like.

(Note: Photos were taken when I was just 9 months pregnant with Jacob.) I can’t believe it has been almost 3-4 yrs now! =)

Movenpick Resort Corniche, Jeddah
Well, last Thursday, my husband and I went there to relax and just enjoy the cloudy weather. It was my first time to go there, but not for my husband because they usually have their business meetings there. The first image above is actually the restaurant part of the resort and contrary to what I’ve expected, there’s no second or third floor. Haha. I thought the highest part is where you can have a view of Jeddah, but sadly, no. So this is what’s inside that “snail”.
Elevated center
The rest is elegantly surrounded by tables and chairs. That’s it.
How it looks like in the evening.

There are also tables and chairs set up outside, which can be very good especially during winter.

Amwaj Terrace location map
Amwaj Terrace location map

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