Missing Christmas

Unlike the busy colorful Christmas aura in Philippines, Jeddah, I must say, gives no hint of the fast approaching celebration. Well, that’s because Christmas is not celebrated here. It’s not even a holiday! That’s why I really miss the ‘Christmas ambience’ in Philippines.
I miss the streets full of colorfully lit lanterns in Philippines. Every December, I’d remember Dasma and the streets going to La Salle. Their lanterns always make me smile.
I especially miss the different delicacies seen during Christmas season like bibingka and puto bumbong. I even searched for bibingka’s recipe just so I can make one here. 🙂 I miss lechon, liempo, ham, hamonado and other foods served during this special occasion.
I miss the rush of people buying gifts in malls and other crowded places. I remember walking and window shopping while Christmas carols served as my background music. Now, it’s just four days before Christmas and I haven’t even bought a single gift and there are no Christmas bazaars here to go to!
I also miss the cold breeze of December touching my cheeks during those long walks in the neighborhood.
I guess these droopy feelings about Christmas is because I was in Philippines last year. That’s almost after 5-6 years of spending Christmas here in Jeddah Haha. Well, it’s just the atmosphere of Christmas in Philippines that I miss. I know that I’ll be happier here knowing that I’ll be spending this season with my beloved family.

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