Teaching Toddlers: Math & Eggs

Surprise Egg activity

If you have toddlers, Β you might have encountered these recently and expensively trending surprise eggs. If you buy the Kinder Surprise eggs, Β you’ll have either have empty pockets or a crying child later on. πŸ™‚

Surprise Egg activity

These colorful ones are either local or inexpensive versions. My kids don’t really mind because most of the time I don’t let them eat the chocolates in the eggs anyway (just one or half, Β then I get the rest and tell them I’ll use it for baking. I really do use them for baking, especially if I’m baking with kids. :)) They’re just after the surprise inside.

Surprise Egg activity

I keep these eggs for the kids to learn and play with.

Here are some of the things you can teach kids through these PLASTIC eggs:
  • Colors
  • Counting
  • Grouping/categorizing– If you have small toys, Β you can ask your kid to place them inside the eggs according to shape, Β colors, Β size, Β etc.
  • Playing as a store-keeper
  • Patterns – color, size

Surprise Egg activity

Surprise Egg activity
They can create their own patterns. You can give them an idea like : big egg-small egg or red-green, etc.

I used to just let my kids play with the plastic eggs, then I saw the idea of using old egg trays from a blog about teaching math to kids. ( I can’t remember the site.)

Pinterest Board: Plastic Egg and Math Ideas
pinterest board-math and eggs

Pattern Recognition for Toddlers

Teaching Toddlers: Color Sorting

color sorting
The plastic eggs can also be used for color sorting or counting.

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If you need the plastic eggs for business or decoration, you can purchase plastic eggs containers. Check this Giant version of plastic eggs.

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14 thoughts on “Teaching Toddlers: Math & Eggs

  1. We love Kinder Eggs, we shared on the chocolates, tig-half din kami. hehehe! My son plays it and he draws different faces on each eggs. Though using it for lesson is also a nice idea. πŸ™‚

  2. I love this tip. I will definitely teach our little one these lessons. Funny I would always think of expensive toys when in fact, we could even use things around us to teach our kids. As long as they are colorful and harmless, they can be useful.

  3. I agree sa kinder eggs! Grabe ang mahal lang! Kaya di ko sinanay anak ko dun because, yes, empty pockets talaga ang labas! lol! This is brilliant, I’ll find some of these plastic eggs.

  4. Neat idea! I’m actually having a hard time making my second child be interested in studying. She’s only 4 so we’re not rushing her into anything but your tip might help. Will try this but I think with lego blocks instead since we have no eggs haha. I agree with mommy Nilyn, ang mahal ng kinder eggs!

    1. Yes, you can do it with lego blocks. πŸ™‚ and yes, mahal ang kinder eggs. Haha so local/ plastic versions like these are better. I try to keep some of them hoping they can be of use in the future. πŸ™‚

  5. This is so informative. A perfect idea especially for my mom life. I have a 19month old boy and Kinder is his friend.

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