Master of the Last Second

Master of the Last Second

Task for Day 4 of Writing 101’s class is to write a poem about ‘seconds’ or anything related to time. Here it goes:

We are the masters,

the masters indeed

of the last second deadlines

of the last minute deeds


It’s funny because tasks have been announced

So early, I recall the urgency of the sound

To prepare and to finish

at least before or on time


But no, we do it until there’s no more time

We truly have become the masters of the last minutes

The last seconds, if you really want to push it

This is a poem for those who procrastinate

O, please, let us starte to change our ways. =) (That includes me, of course) =)


This topic reminded me of Ecclesiastes 3’s Time for Everything. There is a season for every activity under heaven.


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10 thoughts on “Master of the Last Second

  1. Great poem for a blogger who hasn’t written all week and is going to post this Friday. Great scripture. Reminded me of the Benjamin Franklin quote, “Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that’s the stuff life is made of.”

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