Mama Roti Bun

I have to add this new bread added to my list of favorites. 

I tried it last week at Mama Roti’s cafe. I was hesitant to buy it at first because I felt it was expensive for a piece of bread to cost 11 SR. I ordered anyway, because it was the only light thing I could order. I was with my parents who’ve just finished eating dinner. I ordered just for the sake of having something to munch while watching Jacob play around the mall. 
My parents liked it and so did I. The top part was a little sweet and buttery. It is crispy outside and soft in the inside. I believe this is perfect for people drinking sugarless tea. Haha
Yesterday, I bought one so my husband could taste this roti bun thant I’ve been talking about the whole week to him. He liked it. We bought an extra for take home. 
Some of our friends came to Haifa mall, yesterday and I couldn’t help but ask them to taste the bread. They liked it and they bought, bought, bought some roti buns! I told the happy cashier to give me a discount for bringing all the customers and he did. 🙂 haha

Here’s Jacob’s Mama Roti bun pasalubong for lola and lolo. Hehe

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