Life at its simplest

Photos from Patling- Capas, Tarlac

There was a vehicle fixing the road when we came.
This hot pool coming from a hot spring is where the community gets their water. The water is too hot you shouldn’t pour it on your skin instantly.
Miguel just loves playing with the chickens.
His first time to see a carabao this close.


Today, I’ve witnessed life at its simplest. No electricity, no water line, no proper roads, and no public transportations to be seen. No ‘epal’ banners of politicians trying to win the crowd. It’s just all back to basic style of living.

Tiya Esther is my mother-in-law’s cousin. She helped my mother-in-law prepare for the fiesta. This morning, we accompanied her back to her place in Patling-Capas,Tarlac. I had no idea that to reach tiya Esther’s place meant to cross ankle-high rivers and to nervously drive rough, uneven roads. I usually climb mountains and cross rivers on foot. I must say that with a vehicle, it’s a little scary. I just see those happen on TV documentaries. Experiencing it in real life felt surreal.

All throughout the ride, I felt like a journalist going to the field to get an interview. Good thing we used a tough car, ready to swim and trek itself through the rivers and mountains. (but still scary, though my son, Jacob seemed to have enjoyed the challenge)

Upon reaching tiya Esther’s house, I immediately saw chickens, goats, carabaos, and dogs. Life looked so simple. I saw women carrying buckets of water, kids going to school on foot, men farming, and mothers breastfeeding while carrying a basin on her head. Then, I imagined my life without phones, tablets, and TVs. Not bad. 😛

It was an experience. A great experience to open up the year ahead. Don’t complicate things too much. Life is simple. Live simply. The greatest commandments sums it all.Love God. Love thy neighbors. Have a great year ahead! 🙂



running water



That’s hot water coming from a spring.


Jacob, trying to produce fire.


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