Let the stories continue…

In the Philippines, it has been a routine for visitors to look at photo albums or framed photos in the host's house. It's a way to start things up like, starting a conversation, breaking the ice for shy visitors and a way to make early visitors busy while waiting.

I remember going over and over the old photos in my grandparents' house. The stories in every photo never seem to get old. Unfortunately, the stories in those photos seemed to have stopped when the digital cameras started. All the photos were in the PCs and you'd have to turn it on, look for the file and show it to visitors. Which may sometimes be a little akward especially if you are using a personal PC.

I like taking pictures of people. Snap shots. Casual shots that capture who they really are. I think they sometimes call it life photography. I'm not really into scripted shots. I wabt to capture emotions given at that point I took the shot. Most of these photos are posted online. The old ones in my picasaweb, some in Facebook and the rest here in Blogger. So after many years, I have finally decided and have taken the time to go to the print shop and have some photos printed out. It felt different. Showing my son those pictures, the amazement in his eyes and the stories that started again by those who see the pictures. It was something real. I think I'll be doing this again, printing out memories and let the stories of those people in each image continue.

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