Lessons to Learn From Surfers


I really admire my adventurous friends who surf and ride really scary waves. Will I see myself surfing one day?!! It’s hard to tell, but we’ll see. I’m still in the middle of ‘willing to try’ and ‘afraid to drown’ level. For now, I’ll just list those life lessons to learn from surfers. As I observe surfers, I see lessons from what they do that I can apply in my life.

1. Observe the waves.
Surfers don’t just go and ride a flat or waveless sea. No. They observe and wait for the perfect timing of the waves to come then ride on them. In life, we have to observe routines, patterns, how things work and how people react. Being aware of these things will help us avoid unnecessary waves (problems). Use and face only those waves that can bring us up. Sweating on the small stuff can be a waste of time and energy. Ride the waves that matter. It’s like choosing our ‘fights’. Face only those that can challenge us as a person, with the result of moving to a better level. Whatever is true, pure, excellent, and noble, think of such things.

2. Face and ride the waves with grace.
Surfers don’t just stand and be afraid the whole time they are on the waves. They are confident and they adjust their body posture so they can maintain the momentum and enjoy the ride. That’s why when they are at the peak of the waves, their position looks picture perfect. I’ve watched an interview of a filipina celebrity one time where, during the interview, it was revealed that her father just died, and someone in her family was sick and that time she was having a heartbreak. The host got surprised and told her that she didn’t look sad or down. The celebrity’s answer was amazing. She said that she chose to be happy after mourning and crying because continuing to be sad won’t put money on their table, nor bring their dead father back. To stand up and move on with life is a choice. A decision we have to make. Make sure to pick the right choice.

3.Stay above the waves.
In life there will always be problems. Always make sure to be above those problems. Looking from a different or a higher point of view makes it easier to see the problem and solution in life. Moving lower than the waves (the problems) will result in tumbling down, just like how waves eat the surfers up. The surf board represents who we hold on to in the midst of problems. Riding the waves with God above the storms of life. Just like that line in the song:

When the oceans rise and thunders roar, I will soar with you above the storm. Father, you are king over the flood, I will be still know you are God.

4. Always decide to rise
I believe that every surfer has in one way or another, experienced falling. However, they immediately rise and try one more time until they have mastered the waves. If you’ve failed lately, rise up. Strong people get out of their problems victoriously. Don’t leave the waves of life beaten down and sad. Face life victoriously.

The next time a wave or problem comes our way, remember to face it as surfers do. Having God with us in the midst of the storms and waves can provide a great opportunity for us to have an adventure. That is, if we face, observe, and stay above the waves.

Originally posted Sept. 6, 2014

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