Kitchen With Books

I’ve always wanted to have recipe books, but a little hesitant to buy thinking that they would just end up dusty on the shelves. However, when I saw a post from Foodie in Arabia, where I saw behind the dish she prepared the cookbooks that were simply lined up in the kitchen, I was inspired.

Foodie in Arabia

I knew right then that that is where I want my kitchen-related books to be. Presently, they’re placed along with my other books. I think it’s really good if the recipe books are lined somewhere in the kitchen. This way, I can easily access them and browse them whenever I need ideas for cooking, baking or when I’m alone having coffee.

Cupcakes-very beautiful and easy to make recipes for frosting and decorating. Chinese cookbook- because I love Chinese food.
Another Chinese cookbook with really amazing ideas using simple day to day ingredients!
Simple recipes from around the world which can be served for daily meals.

I got these books from Jarir Bookstore in Jeddah. They usually have books that are on sale, so I bought some that could come handy in the kitchen.

The only two cookbooks I have which were given to me years ago.

Ideas for kitchen with books:

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