Khubz or Khobz is a traditional Arabic bread that people, even foreigners, eat here. It’s baked in a clay oven just like in the the old times. It’s best eaten hot or else the crispiness will be gone. It is usually eaten with a dip called fool/ful, which is made from ground red beans.
I think because of Filipinos, there’s now a cheese flavored khubz. I’m not really sure about that, but that’s how it started in the shops where we buy Khubz. Filipinos would always ask if bakers could put cheese so the bakers tried it and it was an instant hit.
This huge one (well, that’s the only size available) costs 4-5 riyals now. When I was in high school this was just 2 or 3 riyals! This one can feed a family of three or four or maybe that’s just in our case. 🙂
My parents bought this last night and more than one fourth was left!

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