Jollibee Kids Club Art Workshop in Jeddah

Yesterday was our first time to attend Jollibee’s art workshop. Jollibee Khalideyah conducts arts and crafts workshop every month for kids.

The cost of the workshop is 35 SR. It includes food (for the parent and the participant), workshop kit, and certificate of participation.

Is it worth it? Yes. Absolutely! With food, kit, plus the awesome experience the kids had while preparing their own food? It’s definitely a fun workshop to involve kids in.


  • Group games (2): Jollibee Crew relay & straw relay

  • Art activity: Booty cup making


  • Prepare your own spaghetti. The kids loved this part the most. They wore aprons, hair nets, and gloves then they went in small groups to the Jollibee kitchen with some crew  who assisted them in preparing their own spaghettis.


  • Eating time with parents. 1 pc chicken with rice and drinks for mommy and spaghetti with drinks for the kid.
  • Jollibee mascot arrived and all the kids were just overjoyed like a fan who saw her favorite actor.

  • Giving of certificates to the participants and picture taking with Jollibee.


It was such a fun day! My son was very happy in every part of the program. Thank you, Jolibee Jeddah!


Jollibee, Khalideyah in Jeddah conducts a Fun Day Activity Kids Workshop once a month. You can go to Jollibee Khalideyah to register for the next workshop or be a walk-in participant on the actual day of the workshop.

You may call: (012) 6061671 or 0593250623 for more details.

Workshop starts at 1:00 PM and ends around 3 or 4:00PM

JOLLIBEE website

Al Rawdah St. Khalidiyah District Jeddah, KSA

Tel. No. (012) 606-1671



Jollibee Khalidiyah

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