Chopsticks, Jeddah

November 26, 2014 -Updated: June 2015 Chopsticks is considered one of the favorite (Chinese) restaurants around.…

Sunset Boulevard

Sunset in Jeddah

Goldilocks’ Polvoron

In Philippines, I can buy Goldilocks’ polvoron for less than a hundred per dozen. Here,…

Bruised by a nurse

This is what I got a day after a nurse took a blood sample from…



I had breakfast & lunch here yesterday. So relaxing. 🙂


My family’s new favorite Chinese restaurant. 🙂

Friday’s awesome nachos with cheese

That’s what you call cheesy! Haha

After the Rain

9am: A very clear morning in Jeddah today. 🙂 It’s as if I’m in another…

Another Cloudy day

This was Jeddah at around 2pm this afternoon. Sent via BlackBerry®

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