7 Things That Happen During a Sandstorm

Living in Saudi Arabia means you’ll have summer most of the year and a cool winter for maybe 3-4 months. πŸ™‚ If other countries have rain, snow, or tornadoes, we have…sand in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Lots of sand. πŸ˜…

Jeddah during sandstorm
Jeddah City during sandstorm Photo source: Arab News

You can watch how sandstorm actually looks like from afar as it covers a place. creepy. Video: Impressive sandstorm sweeps through Saudi Arabia.

A huge sand storm engulfs the Saudi capital of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Tuesday, March 10, 2009. The storm, which was still raging hours after it started, disrupted flights at the city’s King Khalid International airport, with weather authorities announcing that visibility would drop to zero, and warning residents to take precautionary measures.(AP Photo/Jad Saab)

So here are theΒ  things that happen during a sandstorm:

1. No school.

Yey!!! Every child’s prayer. So, yeah. Classes are suspended until further notice. πŸ™‚

2. Zero visibility

Source: Saudi Gazette

If you areΒ driving, you might not even see the car in front of you. Dangerous.

3. A house full of sand

Well, not really, but sand can be very fine that even though windows are closed, the sand creeps in and you wake up with kitchen counters, floors, bath tubs, covered in thin layer of sand.

Jeddah during sandstorm

4.Β Asthma attacks

This is not a good day for people with dust allergy or asthma.Β  Some people haveΒ breathing difficulties and othersΒ get cough for days ( I did).

5. Dirty cars

It’s like snow covering your car, but this one decides they want to have a part inside the car. haha

Image Source: The Truth About Cars

6.Β  Car wash business on the go

Because most of the cars got dirty, the car washers are busy making money. =)

Jeddah during sandstorm

7. Natural filter for your photos

Everything is in sepia mode. You know there’s a heavy sandstorm happening outside when everything looks orange. πŸ™‚

Our window just collected sand.

Have you ever experienced a sandstorm? What do you think are the other things that happen during a sandstorm? Share them below. =)

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9 thoughts on “7 Things That Happen During a Sandstorm

  1. This was interesting to read. I never experienced the sandstorm but now I can at least imagine how it looks like. Nothing to like there πŸ™‚

  2. Natawa ako sa sepia, but seems legit! lol. Never experienced sandstorm before pero my husband did. And I also saw videos of sandstorm, and yes, it’s really scary, esp zero visibility.

  3. There are always good and bad effects of a sand storm. But whether it brings good or bad effect, sand storm is a reality that should be accepted and not dampen one’s spirit. The no school is surely a great treat for students and even to some parents. Plus car wash owners rejoice. Ihihi.

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