Korea Palace in Jeddah

Korea Palace is slowly being recognized by locals and expats alike because of its unique Asian cuisine, specifically Korean. They also offer some Japanese (sushi) and Chinese dishes.

Do I love most of the food? Yes, I honestly do. I love their soup, (I’m even thinking of doing the same soup in my kitchen. Just give me some time.=) ) which will be prepared right in front of you when you order. I love how the broth’s taste empowers every ingredient of the soup, may it be vegetable or meat.

I also love their noodles, and beef dishes. Not too salty, not too bland nor sweet. I find every food to be balanced. Well, that’s for me. I don’t know for my friends who were with me, but I heard they also liked most of the dishes they ate. The Kimchi, well, I am not a fan, but those who ate it loved it, I ate one, but since I’m not into spicy and sour food like that, I just didn’t spoon another one. The controversial cinnamon tea. It’s too sweet for me, but that’s not what surprised everyone. The tea served after, which is commonly served hot, was cold. 🙂 The waiter explained that Korean tea is served cold. No more argument on that. 😉 The food is 4.5/5 for me.

The ambience. It was quiet and clean. Very relaxing. The black glittering tiles added to the drama of the restaurant. I haven’t seen the 2nd floor so this is just based on the ground floor experience. It was a 4/5 for me.

The service. The service was fine. I couldn’t argue with that because we were more than 20 without reservation and they managed to pull everything well. Hehe, they were very accommodating from the start. It was 3.5/5 for me.

The price. The cost of most of their foods starts from 30-40 riyals for starters and the main course starts from 60-80 riyals.  Other Chinese restaurants, main course costs around 30-40 riyals only. For a family of four, ordering a soup, 2 meals, rice and drinks can produce a bill of around 300-500 riyals, but it’s all worth the experience.

Will I be willing to come back to Korea Palace? Yes. Definitely.  When? I don’t know. Ha-ha 🙂


For maps and info visit : Korea Palace’s FB Page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Korean-Palace-Restaurant-Jeddah/376709332494272

Korea Palace map:

Korea Palace map

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8 thoughts on “Korea Palace in Jeddah

  1. Hi Gilian you have posted great content on your blog. I love your Stuff and the you have uploaded the very quality photos on your blog. Thanks!!

    1. Hi Raymond! I think they have something that is similar to that. I’m not familiar with the name, but I saw the picture on the internet and I think I saw something on the menu that looks like that, but maybe, with a different name. =) The names on the menu are mostly Korean, so I had to ask the waiter for the food description. =)

        1. Wow. Feel free to give your feedback about the place when you go there, ok?. =) I hope you’ll enjoy it. =) Tell me when they have the samgyeopsal. ha-ha =)

  2. Hi Gilian 😄 do they offer unlimited refill of their side dishes? 😁 just wondering because i’ve been craving for kimchi for quite sometime now.. 😊 thank you…

    1. It would have been a great idea to have unlimited side dishes..haha..but, I don’t think so. They don’t refill it. Send some feedback about Korea Palace after your visit! =)

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