It’s never too late to pray

This is one of those days when I feel I don’t have to pray for something because it’s over and that it’s too late to be even prayed for.

I have a cousin who has had a miscarriage for 2-3 times already. It’s really heartbreaking because her sisters keep on giving birth almost every year while she keeps on trying and mourning after every miscarriage.

Yesterday, I saw from her sister’s status on Facebook, a hint that something bad happened to her again. The day went on and I kept praying every time I would be reminded of what happened. Last night, as I was about to sleep, my heart, as if, automatically prayed for her again. I got confused because I was thinking that it was too late to pray for the baby. I even asked God why I seem to always get the information late and that it feels that matter is over and that it’s too late to be prayed for. Of course, I was wrong.

God proved to me once again that prayers never go unheard. I opened my Facebook this morning with a status from my cousin’s sister that the whole family couldn’t sleep last night and that they were so happy when my cousin got better and that some of them cried when the baby had a heartbeat again. I was still for a moment. It was God’s reminder to me that it’s never too late to pray. NEVER.

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